Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Crown Prosecution Service... I'll 'ave ya

Ok, so I quit uni. Perhaps not the greatest decision I've made in a while, but can't really go back on it. So I've been temping. That's right. And who else for but CPS! Not that I have any inclination to go into Law but the pay is pretty good, and it's not all that challenging. On a not-so-positive route, I guess I haven't had much time to think about what I'm going to do with my life, but I'm not going to panic and rush about it. The possibilities are going back to uni (something like maths & management), go into teaching (preferably with a degree), temp for a year or so, continue with the marketing idea, or get myself onto the property ladder and play around developing or something. So basically... a complete indecisive pipe dream at the moment... but as I say, no real rush about it all so all shall be decided soon.

On a more positive note, things are going well with the boyfriend. Don't worry, I shan't go on about it. It's just nice that a few things are going well in my life, and he happens to be a big part of it all. Everything's just really comfortable. It's strange though... I suppose we like some very different things... I'm into science and hate politics, though he's a journalist and can't stand anything sciency. (I probably don't help by going on about the book I'm currently reading during my work commute - "Does Anything Eat Wasps?: And 101 other questions" compiled by NewScientist - it's really interesting actually... today I read about molehills, window patterns and why bruises go blueish-red then yellowish-green). But its nice, I think we get on well. Am spending xmas with him this year as mum & dad are deserting me, off to Sri Lanka to catch a sunny day or two. Should be nice. Am currently debating what to get him... I still firmly say its much harder to buy for guys. Men have it eaaaaasy!

It's strange not being part of the Imperial bunch... took quite a lot to adjust for a while. I guess I just got so comfortable with going out with them all the time and spending so much time together, that it was a real blow when they suddenly weren't there. Would've been extra weird without Tim actually. I still meet up with them every now and then. Was great to have that hall reunion last week at Kav's. And then to see a few of them again the next night at Luke's party. Was so good to see 'em all again. Hopefully will go out with them again soon. Oh, reminds me of how stupid I was after that night at Kav's. I was so tired and a tad drunk on my way home, I left at about 1am and went to get the bus. Got on the number 52 and stupidly fell asleep. I remember trying so hard to stay awake, and then the next thing I remember is hearing on the loudspeaker "this is the last stop, will everyone please get off the bus, this is the LAST stop". SHIT SHIT SHIT. Where the bleep am I??? So I stumble of the bus, trying very carefully to avoid drug dealers hanging out on the street corners... I see a bus coming so jump on it once I've eventually made out that it's going the semi-right direction. I'm standing on the bus and suddently I see hSBC, my home branch. "HAng on a second, shit, I know where I am... let me off the bus!! BUSDRIVER....let me off!!!!!!" 5 minutes later, and being dropped off about a 50 minute walk from home... I give in and 118118 it "er, hi, I'm standing opposite somerfield and I need a cab home". Women finally manages to figure out where I am, sends me a car, I jump into it... pay£9.50 for a 5 minute drive... get home, pj's on, head on pillow and crash it... NOT before setting my alarm to 7am. Bearing in mind that the time is now 2.45am. And yes, it took my almost 2 hours for what should've have been a 35 min journey at best. Bollox to that.

On that note, I'm off to bed. Love you. Mandsx

Thursday, October 05, 2006

La Vie est Bella

ok... so i guess entries have been a little sparse recently. I'm blaming it on the fact that life is beautiful at the moment, and there's just nothing I really need to whinge about! But I suppose there are a few life turns which you may want to hear about...

I quit university. Yup. That's right folks. Enough was enough, so I decided to quit Imperial and find the grass on the other side. Or something like that. I guess I just asked myself what was the point of spending so much money on a degree I couldn't stand, and didn't even see myself using it in the future. So I opted out, didn't do the resit and am now officially unemployed. It's a tad scary... probably the hardest decision I've ever had to make but I know it was the right one, so still a good one. Am chasing up the marketing idea... and may go back to Uni next year. But who knows. Plus, daytime telly's just so damn goooooooood!!

And I get to enjoy my evenings with someone whom I think's close to amazing!!

All in all, a very good september (eventually) and hopefully an even better october. For once, life's uncomplicated and past is past. And it feels euphoric. Lovin' it laaaaarge...

I'm still living in London, but have had to move down in the world from Kensington (dahhhhlin'). I'm based in smelly northwest, but still central enough to escape to the nicer parts quickly enough!

So, watch this space. Who knows what'll happen...!


Monday, August 07, 2006

New Post

This is definitely being a little sporadic with me. I guess its just a way of letting the randoms who read this up to date with what's going on in that head of Mands.

At the moment, am petrified about my resits. I've lost any sense of motivation and have barely started revision. It's a tad worrying as I have lots more to study this time round... but no matter how shit it makes me feel, its still just not enough to get my arse in studying-gear. Rubbish.

Oh, and I feel the KatHat needed a very quick mention seeing as it has been an integral part of our summer. Check it out on Facebook. There's an appreciation society now and everything!...

Beer Festival this weekend. My brother and his mate Howell came and stayed. Actually... let's start from Friday. Plans for Turnmills went a bit awol and ended up at the union for starters. Then we went to Joao's house party over in Shep Bush. Good fun for a not-planned night. Ceri dressed me up in toilet roll (my attach some pics!) and for some reason, it made perfect sense to say that I was getting married the next day and it was my hen night. I know, I know. But did manage to get a couple o' quid off wine in the offies, and some guy gave me some of his fish 'n' chips. Scoooooore! We had the survivors' photos in the morning, and even managed to have a bbq breakfast before we head back home at about 7.30am. Live it like Elsie.

Had about 3 hours kip and then woke up at 11am to get ready for the Beer Festival. Rounded up the troops (Ceri, Tom, Jens) and headed over in a fairly hungover state. 'Though I was definitely itching for a pint o' perry come midday. Worrying. Met up with Mahinda and his mates (let me try and get this right... Ed, Andrea, Tom, Amy, Martin, Howell, Rob, Rachel/Katie???, Caroline, Dave, Ian). Mel & Adam joined a bit later. And we bumped into James (aka Satan) at some point. Was a really good day out. I tried SilverBirchTree wine... mmmMMMMmmmm. Was *very* tempted to treat myself to a bottle, but the fact being that I would probably not have a good enough occasion for a while to sip & enjoy the strange yet alluring plonk. Perhaps we shall meet again. Then at about 7pm (most of the beer and wines had run out pretty early on), we headed over to Fulham Bdwy for some food (at ZumZim i think). Then a few pubs by West Brompton. And over to Belushis with Mahinda & Martin. Howel joined the fun 'n' games a bit later on. Was as Belushis always is... cheesy tunes, sleazy men, funny bouncers (one studies shakespeare when not working!) and over priced drinks. Though cocktails were nice enough. The walk home was fairly mundane. I personally don't remember any of it though! Got home, found Mel & Adam and some random 12yrold (well, he looked it) drunk as skunks so we had ourselves a little houseparty (the flat is vile now!). So, in bed (or thereabouts) by 5am ish. Woke up with a feeling like I was about to *die*. Ouch. Lungs hurt. Still.

Today, just played it cool. Always on the edge of dying-ness and monged-ness. Fanny-tastic. Went and met the cousins for late lunch, and had to act a little less hungover in front of the rellies. They fed us though, so that was pretty good. Came back home. Monged out in front of telly. And am now typing all of this because I now can not sleep. Pants.

And consider yourselves up-to-date.
Loooooooove it!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Happy Things

Ok, so here goes an update then...

Things are good today. Am getting over the 'him' thing much better than I thought I would. It was tough two weeks back when he came out of nowhere again... but its just getting immature and stupid now. And I think having met Jamie is making it all a lot better.

That's right... I've met a boooooy! *Very* early days but he's hot and really funny. So yay about that.

Nay about the resits I'm studying for (again)... and I'm finding it a lot harder to motivate myself this time round. I really just can not be arsed. No matter how many days closer it gets, i'm perfectly happy just sitting and watching the telly. Worrying, slightly.

Going to Turnmills on 4th Aug. Cannot blawdy wait! Going to be fantastic. I think most the crowd will drop, there's a fantastic line up and I'll have some money to spend!!! Then GBBF (CAMRA Beer Festival) on 5th. Mahinda (+1) is coming down for that. Should be good. It's just over the road actually, at Earl's Court. Makes travel nice and easy.

Pete to win BB. Of course he will. Richard's a sneaky little boogger.

Check out this dude called Leepu on google. Amazing guy. Shaped an old ford or honda (can't remember) into a Lamborghini using scrap material. How cool is that!!!! Loooooove it!

Right, I think that's it for now.

Summer's been full of lazing about in various parks, drinking at the union, few clubs here and there, karoake at fox (!), swimming in fountains, Tesco's Country Manor, dropping at union, frisbee, bag woman, sports cafe.

Je t'adore

PS It's all about so if you haven't joined, do it! loads of pics online!! x

Monday, July 17, 2006

are you or aren't you?

is it stupid that i want to know?

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Such sweet sorrow...

Hey hey hey... I know its been ages. What can I say. I'm actually pretty happy at the moment, life's plodding along with ups and downs, but I think I can safely say more ups for once. Bit fucked in head last night thanks to a certain someone... but if he wants to get in contact, he's more than welcome. I'm used to the call every 6 months now!!

Uni's finished so its all about chilled wine in the park (or various benches in West Ken). Got more resits. I know i know. Don't judge me. I'm just dumb - don't worry, I've come to accept it. God, I hate MechEng. Grrrrr. But I love my friends, so it's all good.

Went to Brunel Bicentenery conference... yet again made a drunken pleb of myself in front of some very important people. Why change a habit of a lifetime... so now I can add a few more companies to ones where I *can't* apply. Fan-fanny-tastic. Though managed to network with a few engineers-turned-marketing folk (what I wanna do (maybe)). So I'm going to drop them an email... see what goes. Not even entirely sure why I'm writing this here! Ah well.

Anyway, just to say (for all you frequent visitors!) I probably won't keep this blog up for a while now. Things are good. And I always find blogs are good when times are bad, but when times a' good... its better to just enjoy it there and then.

Love you as always (even you)

Sunday, May 07, 2006


Bored bored bored.

In the library. Another day in this book-lavished building. Save me.

Only one more week to go until the nightmare begins, but only 3 more weeks 'til the parties start! Yipeeeeeeeeeee

So, what's been happening. Well, very quickly... Pigeon's still haven't hatched :( The girls and I are waiting like proud expectant mothers (sort of)... (scrap that, it sounds odd)... (hmmm). Zoe heard some activity this morning on the ol' balcony, so perhaps a little'one is now alive and kicking? I shall check it out when I get home this morning.

What else - chair of CGCU, should I, shouldn't I? Opportunity knocks on yer door... do you take it (cowards option, but cleverest) or do I wait a year? Hmmm... decisions - I have 'til 15th - how convenient - the day of my first exam.

Sold m'phone on Ebay for a healthy sum... pretty happy with that. But must say, I fear selling things on ebay could become an addictive past time - who knows what the limit it... tv, video, smelly socks, jewellery, kidneys... virginity? (lol, not likely. but has been done before... I believe she got about £9,000 to put herself through college).

I've drunk about 7x33cl of water today. Stupid library. Rubbish air-con. Silly loud greek ppl next to me. Grrrrrr.

As I said, there's really not too much going on to report back. Perhaps I should just wait 'til after my exams. Oh, and hey mysterious commenters - who are you? Nah, that'd take all the mystery away. Think I like you best as anonymous ;)

Lovin', but sadly leavin' ya...
Mands x

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Spicy Peanuts & White Russians

Just watched the saddest film. Called Heaven and Earth (with Tommy Lee Jones). About a girl who grows up in Vietnam during the war. She goes through all sorts (won't list them), and the story touches on Buddhism. I miss hearing about the Buddhist teachings. It's been such a long time since I sat down and remembered what it was all about... and why I was once so inspired by it all, for want of a better word. And why do I always cry in movies. I mean, alright, some sad films and its alright. But Narnia?? Oh dear.

Sunday night - hilarious night! Came home, and Ceri suggested a quiet drink n our local (which we still hadn't yet been in!!!) - the Fox. So, yeah, why not. Just a quiet one. We went in, live music, open 'til 10.30, bottle o'plonk only 9 squid. Perfect. And we can practically see it from our window! Then Ceri had this craving for a white russian, and seeing as the bar didn't have any kahlua or milk... we decided a quick trek to the offies was in order. So, we bought a compromise - Baileys - was funny watching the guys behind the counter 'sneak' us the bottle as it was after hours for alcohol selling. Oh the joys of foreign dodgy shops in West Ken! Anyway, it all gets a little hazy. There was incredible mixup about the money involved. We couldn't understand why he gave us £5 back, and went round thinking we were really lucky! Then is occurred that that was apparently money Ceri accidentally left on the counter. Ah well. Went back to flat. Drank many funky cocktails.... wheat biscuits and pfish food ice cream was involved. All in good fun. We were both incredibly piste for a Sunday... Easter Sunday no less!

Back to the library these days. Slightly in a panic about how much work i've actually left myself to sort in the next 4 weeks. I may run out of time in the end, but definitely looking better than last year. Right. 5.21am. Time to go to bed I think.

Are you Dave Gorman?

kissitykisses xx

Monday, April 10, 2006


Well hello there. Fancy meeting you here. Of course you'd be here. Doesn't it get boring... reading about the not-so-exciting stuff I get up to, and random thoughts that pass through?

No? Alright then... well, make yourself at home.

Well (hmm... I keep saying "well..." a lot today. odd), wherewasI? Ah yes, well, its back to that annoying time of year with exams lurking around the corner, and that feeling that every hour should be spent revising to make up for the slack-mandyness throughout the year. Its just so depressing. That feeling that you've been studying continously since your GCSEs. When will it stop? Studying is just boring me at the moment. The fact that I am PAYING someone to take these shitty exams upsets me even more. Ah jee whizz. What a pain in the backside. I've been trying to do PDE (partial diff. eqn) stuff, but its just so crap... and we have to relate maths to music. I mean, it's interesting stuff, how the harmonics match mathematically... it's all to do with frequencies... and you can work out what fits harmonically (word?) in octaves and semitones. I'm anything but a musician so my primary sch piano lesson knowledge tells me its interesting stuff, should I ever choose to further read up on it in my spare time (pa-haa!).

Nizlopi. Amazing! I really like this duo-band. Managed to go see a secret gig they had at cargo (London) courtesy of Mary and her contacts. They didn't even disclose the location and time 'til the evening before the gig. Was fab. There were only about 30 odd ppl, a really nice atmosphere, and we were practically right at the front of the stage. The energy of the lead guy (Luke Concannon - gorgeous, especially in person!) was fab - I couldn't get a picture because Luke wouldn't stay still long enough and the no-flash rule meant that the aperture timing thingy couldn't soak up enough light to get a half-decent pic. So, instead, I recorded about 6 mins in total of a few of the tracks they played. John (the bass-guitar guy) was really good too... he beatboxed during most of the tracks, and I didn't even notice he was doing it at first!! Thought it was pre-recorded or something. very cool. And they had great stage presence... they seemed to prefer to get the audience involved, with a bit of participation, etc. Good fun for a Mon afternoon. They played their last track coming down from the stage and stood right in the middle of the crowd. Was good and jolly, and they got everyone joining in even if most of us didnt know the words. Well, can't stop listening to them online, and have just ordered their album. A sort of folk-indie type mix, fun lyrics... anyway, I think I've praised them enough. Go buy their stuff!!! Or at least grab a listen on Let me know if you share my liking, or whether you think I'm odd and should seek help immediately. On the same note, checkout the Kooks, and the Cat Empire. All fun funky bands. ( - free music service without having to download crap software).

What else...? Well, starting to really regret moving into a house with friends. I mean, don't get me wrong, sometimes its great, and everyone gets on, we all have a laugh... but it seems that now, there's always one person not talking to another, bins left to rot 'cause no one else takes them out, mouldy carrots in the fridge, weird unidentified mouldy object also in fridge, fridge not even working (hasn't properly for a few weeks) but would anyone actually get round to calling the landlord? even after the hundred hints i drop? No. Of course not. Mandy will do it. Mandy will also sort out the bills. Pay the bills. Wait for the money. And wait. And wait. Oh, and she'll take the electricity and gas readings so that we don't get charged too much. Alright, so this is an incredibly ranty-paragraph. But I just wish people would actually make an effort. Like, when there's mail at the front door floor, would it be incredibly awful to pick it up and put it on the table? Jeez, I'm starting to sound like my mother. I hate whinging about it, and I don't even feel like it's worth bringing up with anyone. I guess its just when the many-small-things add up to make one-big-eurgh. Perhaps moving out for next year wasn't such a bad idea. Although, even with this rant, I still can't help but feel pretty sad to not be living with the girls next year. I know it's been a little bumpy, especially recently, but I still love 'em all lots and lots. Its a shame we all had to move out of halls - that was pretty ideal - cleaners! maybe that's what we need. And a PA to sort out all the bills. Hmmmm. In-ter-res-sting.

Oh, and top everything off - I've been a bit ill recently. Had a chest infection, so have been a bit out-of-action for the past week or so. Not great, as I am now even further behind in work than I was before - if even mandyly possible!!! Ah well. The usual really. I should be used to my stupid body packing up just before something reasonably important. Stupid immune system. Grrrrrrrr. Well, had xray, low and behold, it was a chest infection. On antibiotics, and should be back to self in a few days. Hmmm. Just occurred to me, are you even interested in knowing that at all? Probably not, eh? Well, just move onto the next paragraph then.

Was thinking the other day... why do men feel threatened by women succeeding? I just don't get it. I first heard this from Martin actually. And he said something about being worried that along my career path... I'd soon get far enough where it might mean I have to travel, or work longer hours, or become very busy... or something like that (we were both reasonably drunk). And then, a few months ago, Edd had said something similar. Something about ambition being a little intimidating in a woman. That is makes a guy feel inadequate. Or something like that. I mean, jeez. 21st century. Keen to just brush on over this, and believe their opinion to be a mionority, I forgot about it pretty quickly. Then. Two nights ago. I was talking to Andrew, and he said it again. "yeah, well, your ambition and plans are fantastic. its great you aim for stuff. but don't you think you'd want to settle down and look after the kids, etc, sooner than later?" Errr. No. Not really. I mean, it depends. I want both. Why can't I have both. A family and a career? And shock horror - at the same time?? Why the fuck not. Andrew severely pissed me off with that, so I wasn't much of a conversationalist after that. (apologies andy, speak to you soon hun x). Anyway, just thought I'd rant that out while I remembered. I mean, christ. What is up with that. When I first heard it from martin, I remember trying to justify that it wouldn't interefer with home life (career stays 9-5. etc). But why should I justify my ambition? Or should I? I don't know. I'm all confused now. Well, not really. Just had me in my thoughts for a few hours last night, is all.

Funny how much you can type when you're thinking about things with yourself. I must babble a shiteload in my head when I'm not talking bullship.

Look at that. 2.54am and I'm in Imperial Library. I think its mainly because I can't be arsed to walk home on my own at this hour, and its freezing. Will probably go get the bus at 4 or 5ish. I've run out of food, you see. And the vending machine's also gone hungry. Bit poopy really. Ah well. Had the shittest readymeal the other day - Marks&Sparks Roast dinner in a yorkshire pudding thingy. Thought I'd have it for a change, and jeez was it awful! Really yuk and soggy on the base, but dry and crispy on the top. I don't expect miracles from a readymeal, but come on M&S, at least put some effort into it! Tesco's economy would probably have been better. I know!!

Right ladies and gents. I hope you are all well. If you're a long lost friend who happened to stumble here, get in touch. Would love to find another reason to avoid the books. And what better than to catch up with old friends and reminisce about the 90s together. (ooh, have crisp suppliers become stingy on their portions, or have our apetites just grown? and have creme eggs really gotten smaller?)

Split like a banana
Jet like Li
Kick like Bruce

(you get the idea)

Friday, April 07, 2006


Ok, so I've been a shit blogger of late, and have no intention of changing just yet ;)

(sorry, nothing all that exciting to report of... maybe I'll fill you in later. Or maybe not.)

Don't forget the socks on the radiator.

Oh, and don't kill flies. Or the spiders will lose their jobs.

Over and out, sexkittens x